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Dr. LEYLA MAHAT – artist, curator, gallery director. Associate professor of the faculty of painting and sculpture of Kazakh National University of Arts. Doctor of Philosophy of fine arts. The Chairperson of Curatorial board of Contemporary Art Center «Kulanshi». President of the Eurasian Academy of Arts.



- State Award «20 years of Independence» for contribution to the art, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

-  Medal of contribution to the art named after Franz Kafka, Prague, Czech Republic. 

- Diploma of Asia-Pacific Association of Artists, Tokyo, Japan

- Award “For contribution to the art” International Parliamentary Assembly, Moscow, Russia

- Honored Member of the Academy of Art, Prague, Czech Republic

- Laureate of the European Art Union

- Achievement Award «Golden Europea» and «European platter», Prague, Czech Republic




Dr.Leyla Mahat is an author and curator of Kazakh and international projects. Exhibitions of paintings artist were held at the museums and galleries of Kazakhstan, Russia, United States of America, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, China, Bangladesh, India, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Moldova, Turkey, Slovenia, Latvia and Romania.


Paintings in public collections of:

- State Museum of Arts n.a A.Kasteyev, Almaty, Kazakhstan

- National museum of Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan

- Museum of the First President of Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

- Museum of Fine Arts of the Ministry of Culture, Ankara, Turkey

- Historical Municipal Museum Uldingen, Germany

- State Museum of Fine Arts, Chisinau, Moldova

- «Art 21» Gallery, Munich, Germany

- «Saray» Gallery, Berlin, Germany

- «Five+Art» Gallery, Vienna, Austria

- Foundation's collection of Kisho Kurokawa, Tokyo, Japan

- Gallery of Tokyo University of Arts

- Contemporary Center Guangzhou, PRC,

and in Private Collections in: Kazakhstan, USA, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, Belgium, India, Austria, Japan, Czech Republic and other countries.




- «ART FORUM KULANSHI», Astana, Kazakhstan, 2006-2012

- «KünsteWoche» Festival Jesteburg, Germany 2005, 2006

- «Internationale Art Festival in Izmir», Türkei, 2004

- «Silk Road by Modern Art» – Gallery “Art 21”, München, Germany, 2006

- «Silk Road by Modern Art» – Art Center Berlin, Berlin, Germany,  2006

- «United Buddy Bear» – Germany, the  world tour

- «Bangladesch Art Biennale», Dhaka, Bangladesch

- «ART EXPRESS», Berlin-Budapest, Hungary 2008-2009

- «International Art Festival», New Delhi,  India, 2013

- «New Silk Roads: Painting Beyond Borders», Singapur, 2015

- «Beijing International Biennale», Beijing, China, 2015

- «Made in Astana», Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, 2016-2018

- «Art Circle» International Art Festival, Gorishka Brda, Slovenia, 2017-2019 

- «Astana Street Art», Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, 2018,2019

- «Miami Artweeks. Miami 2.0», Artbox project, Miami, USA 2019



- Doctor of Philosophy – fine art

- Associate professor of “Painting and sculpture” department / Art Faculty, Kazakh National University of Arts, Astana, Kazakhstan

- Head of the Contemporary Art Center Kulanshi in the Palace of Peace and Accord, Astana, Kazakhstan



- State Award “Medal - 20 years of Independence” for the contribution to the culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan

- Franz Kafka medal, Prague, Czech Republic

- Diploma of the Asia Pacific Association of Painting, Tokyo, Japan, 2013

- Medal for the contribution to the development of Kazakhstani-Russian University, 2010

- Honorary Member of the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Republic, 2003

- European award for artistic and cultural activities – Golden Europea, European platter, Prague, Czech Republic





-   Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Kazakhstan

-   A.Kasteev State Museum of Fine Art, Almaty, Kazakhstan

-   Museum of Modern Art, Astana, Kazakhstan

-   Museum of Fine Arts of the Ministry of Culture, Ankara, Turkey

-   Museum of Fine Arts, Chisinau, Moldova

-   Historical Museum, Unter Uldingen, Germany

-   Museum of Fine Arts of the Hoja Ahmed Yassawi University, Ankara, Turkey

-   Fine Art Gallery of the University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo, Japan

-   “Art 21” Gallery, Munich, Germany

-   “Saray” Gallery, Berlin, Germany

-   National Contemporary Art Center “Tokio Modern Art,” Tokio, Japan

-   Collection of the Kisho Kurakawa Fund, KISHO KURAKAWA architect & associates, Tokyo, Japan

- FIVE+ART GALLERY, Vienna, Austria





- ART FORUM KULANSHI, Astana, Kazakhstan, 2006-2012

- “Art Week” Festival, Фестиваль «Неделя Искусства», Jesteburg, Germany 2005, 2006

- International Izmir Festival, Izmir, Turkey, 2004

- “Silk Road by Modern Art” – “Art 21” Gallery, Munich, Germany, 2006

- “Silk Road by Modern Art” – Art Center, Berlin, Germany, 2006

- “UnitedBuddyBear”

- Bangladesh Art Forum 2010, 2012, Dhaka, Bangladesh

- ART EXPRESS, Berlin-Budapest, 2008-2009

- Festival of The Arts, New Delhi, India, 2013

- New Silk Roads: Painting Beyond Borders, Singapore, 2015

- Beijing Biennale, Beijing, China, 2015

- Kunstraum Palais Porcia in Wien, 2015





Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, Italy, USA, Japan, India, China, Germany, Japan, Moldova, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Singapur, Bangladesh, China, Austria

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